PBN hosting or SEO hosting

It is a great war started from beginning between PBN and SEO. In this post we see which one is better to learn in the start for web development. Many times I receive mails and messages on Facebook and asked this question by students of IT. So I decided to write on this topic.

PBN vs SEO which one is better
Small Review of PBN :

It is no doubt a widely using scripting language, it is open source. free and easy to use. It might be use for small level applications to big market level projects. There are many example out there, Wikipedia and Facebook are developed in PHP but now they are compiled with C++ or other compile level languages.
Small Review of Asp.Net :

Asp.Net is from Microsoft, it is a part of framework therefore having many built-in libraries and functions which make your task so easy, it is not a scripting language but a high level programming language. So we can create a big and secure projects using dot net. You need a programming background for learning asp.net but in case of PHP, it is not necessary at all.

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Both are better, Choose according to your requirements :

Actually, there is no War between cheap pbn hosting and these languages because both are different and have their own benefits. It suggest you to learn both if possible and use any one which suites you and your application requirements decide that which one is better for you ? . In my opinion use that language on which you have full command. Mostly both give the same output.
Where to Start ? from PHP or Asp.Net :

When you talk about where to start then I will say you if asp.net sources are available for you then start from it because future is dot net but also PHP will not died obviously. Asp.Net is highly paid then PHP.

But if you have less sources to start learning then start with PHP I suggest you. There are following reasons behind my recommendation for this.

It is easy to learn and implement
Support is very good, internet is full of free support threads like stackoverflow or phpacademy (official support is also very good)
Frameworks are also available for big marketing web projects (i.e CakePHP, CodeIgnitor, Zend framework etc)
Open source. free and easy to create environment for php.
You will find jobs and projects easily although less paid but tons of projects available for PHP developers

Why Not Start from Asp.Net ?

I am not saying do not start with asp but due to following reasons I do not recommend you to start with it if you are beginner :
Very less tutorials and Support is available on the internet for free.
Difficult to create environment for asp.
Due to costly support and maintenance charges it will not recommended for small business web applications and they always move to PHP due to their less budgets, only few large firms afford it.

However all above points are my opinions, may be you have your own point of view according to your experience. I welcomed you to place your point in comments. Also tell us which is your favorite language ? and you are thinking to learn both of them or want to always stuck with any of them ?